Smokey Fairbanks Honored for 25 Years of Service at Simpson Farm Enterprises

Jed Simpson of Simpson Farm Enterprises awards Smokey Fairbanks for 25 years of service.

December 18, 2023
Ransom, Kansas

In a heartfelt tribute, Simpson Farm Enterprises, Inc., a distinguished leader in agricultural equipment, celebrated Smokey Fairbanks’ remarkable 25 years of dedicated service. The special commemoration took place on December 13, 2023, at the Ransom SFE location, where colleagues, friends, and family gathered to honor this milestone achievement.

Simpson Farm Enterprises, Inc., renowned for being an eight-time Apache Dealer of the Year, organized a special luncheon to express gratitude and appreciation for Smokey Fairbanks’ commitment to the company. The event was an acknowledgment of his enduring service and an opportunity to reflect on the historical journey of Smokey and the company.

Founded in 1981, Simpson Farm Enterprises, Inc., has been a cornerstone of the community, specializing in Apache Sprayers and agricultural equipment sales. The company’s success over the years can be attributed to the dedication of individuals like Smokey Fairbanks, whose unwavering commitment has played a vital role in shaping the company’s legacy.

“Smokey Fairbanks embodies the values and work ethic that define Simpson Farm Enterprises. His 25 years of service have not only contributed to the success of our company but have also left an indelible mark in our community. We are truly grateful for his dedication, and this celebration is a small token of our appreciation for his outstanding work.”

Jed Simpson

The luncheon was a time to revisit pivotal moments from 1998 when Smokey joined the Simpson Farm Enterprises family. Colleagues and friends shared personal stories and memories, highlighting Smokey’s contributions that have been integral to the company’s growth and success.

As Simpson Farm Enterprises continues to thrive and expand, the legacy of Smokey Fairbanks is a testament to the enduring spirit of dedication and excellence that defines the company. Celebrating his 25 years of service is a recognition of past achievements and a promise of a bright future for both Smokey and Simpson Farm Enterprises.

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