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Meet Eric Friesen, Apache’s New Canadian Regional Director

The love of agriculture and farm equipment has never left Eric Friesen since his upbringing on a Saskatchewan family farm. Now, he’s parlaying that love of the farm and iron that enables farmers to get their jobs done into a new position with Equipment Technologies. Friesen is the new Equipment Technologies Regional Director for Western […]

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Ownership, Operating Costs Contribute to Machinery Return on Investment

Return on investment (ROI) is a way to measure the efficiency and performance of a specific asset based on its cost and value of its output. It’s an important measure of the financial performance of everything from a specific piece of machinery to an entire farm operation. Especially when economic times are tight, ROI is […]

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A Man of Many Firsts: Meet Gary Grant

Being the first to do anything usually sparks a special sense of accomplishment, so it’s no surprise that Ohio Valley Ag Parts Manager, Gary Grant takes pride in the many firsts he’s accrued from his years with Equipment Technologies (ET). “I came to work at Ohio Valley Ag (OVA) when we opened the branch in […]

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How to Winterize a Sprayer: Essential Apache Sprayer Guide

Proper sprayer winterization of the application system helps to prevent damage due to freezing. Please follow this Apache Winterization Guide to protect your sprayer this winter. The spray system may contain as many as five separate plumbing loops, or circuits, that are all related to the application system. Thorough flushing of each loop is essential […]

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Winterization: A Critical Step in Sprayer Maintenance

What is the biggest mistake to be made in ag sprayer maintenance? Skipping the sprayer winterization process. Besides helping you get a jump start on the busy season, winterizing and storing your Apache Sprayer can prevent damage caused by freezing temperatures, improve longevity and ensure your resale value. “Winterizing a sprayer can become an ‘out […]

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Adam Kivett

A lot can happen in two decades. While most people change jobs three or more times in 20 years, Director of Manufacturing Adam Kivett has held strong with his dedication and loyalty to ET Works, but if you ask him — he’s just “lucky”. “I think I just kind of got lucky finding a job […]

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Jeremy Hurt

Twenty years is a long time, especially in terms of employment with one company. However, for Jeremy Hurt, Senior Application Specialist at ET Works, it seems like just yesterday that he was starting his first role with the company. “It was May 1997, when I first started at ET Works,” Hurt recalled. “The first Apache […]

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Customer Spotlight: Meet the Brorman Family

It takes a lot of determination and passion to be a successful farmer in the Texas panhandle, and we’ve found these qualities to be true in the Brorman household. Greg Brorman and his family live in Deaf Smith County where conditions are extreme and neighbors are scarce. The county area is 1,500 square miles (a little […]

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Time is Running Out to Stack Special 2016 Tax Savings with a New Apache Sprayer

Maybe you’ve been considering reducing some of your application costs in 2017 by adding a new Apache sprayer. If so, it might be smart to make your purchase before the end of the year. Why? Because you can take advantage of Section 179 tax deductions that make the purchase of your new Apache even more […]

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Southern Application Management One of ET Works’ Most Successful Dealerships

North America is dominated by John Deere, Case IH and Ag Co dealerships who usually represent only one brand of sprayer. As a result, Apache must develop other methods for distributing its sprayers. Many of our 40 dealers are retailers who specialize in providing application products and services and do not sell tractors or harvesters. […]


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