In-Cab Remote Support

Reach your full yield potential with Apache Sprayers In-Cab Remote support system. and the full line of precision Ag offered in the 2021 Model year lineup. Precision packages are featured in the 2022 model year Apache Sprayers (with Raven Viper 4+ controls). From boom controls to application controls, guidance and steering to field computers — this easy all-in-one support system has helped define the next generation of excellence and efficiency in precision spraying.

How In-Cab Remote Support Works With Apache Sprayers

When you need support, you can depend on Apache Sprayers precision packages to connect you quickly and securely to the experts. The factory-installed VIPER® 4+ IN-CAB Remote Support allows Apache Sprayers specialists to securely connect to your sprayer within minutes to help you whenever and wherever.

All three tools combined, give 2022 model year Apache Sprayer owners the power to be more accurate, solve problems faster and cover more acres in a day.

Viper 4+ integrates with Raven’s full line of products into one networked platform that offers a capacitive touchscreen and an intuitive, tablet-style interface with swiping features and horizontal or vertical orientation.

Raven Precision Package

The innovative In-Cab Remote system is activated by your authorized Apache Sprayers dealer at the time of delivery and set up. Owners receive on-the-spot support in the field by calling their dealer and sharing their custom passcode to allow remote access to their sprayer’s computer systems. From there, your Apache dealer can see the issue at hand and help troubleshoot and solve the problem.

The In-Cab system connects via the RS1 data plan or a high-speed cell phone Hot Spot connection. This remote technology was developed to work as an open ecosystem, meaning it’s designed to work with software developed by other companies to expand opportunities and improve productivity.

Stay Organized & Secure

Using a secure online account (that can be updated in near real-time), Apache Sprayer operators can track, collect and analyze data from any asset it’s connected to at the place and time they so choose. Look back at maps and records from prior seasons to compare one year to the next or plan, budget and schedule items in ways that were simply impossible with thumb drives and other methods to move data to and from the field. No more lost data or downtime from changes to work orders or prescription maps. The system also lets you remotely control profiles and settings across an entire fleet of hardware.

Free Data Plans

Apache Sprayers offers a free package of data plans with every Raven factory-installed system. That means when new software updates are released they are immediately available to download to your machine at no extra cost.

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