Apache Sprayers 2023 Lineup

Reduce Input Costs, Increase Crop Yields and Generate Impressive ROl With 2023 Apache Sprayers.

Why the MY23 Apache sprayers are perfect for growers like you:

1. Cut down on soil compaction

Lightweight sprayers & Larger Booms

2. Spray on any terrain

Built for challenging soil conditions

3. Power-to-the-Ground

90% horsepower gets transferred to the ground

4. Reliable Mechanical Drive

Reduced downtime during crucial spray periods

5. Better Ergonomics & Comfort

Enjoy a smoother, quieter ride

6. Industry-best warranty

Comes with a five-year limited warranty

7. Proven value

4-time winner of the “Highest Retained Value” award

8. Top-notch Road Speed

Cover more ground in smaller spraying windows

Why Customers love Apache Sprayers:

Apache Sprayers are simpledurable and deliver the highest return on investment. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Apache Sprayers owners say it best:

We’ve sprayed with Apache since 2005 and really like the mechanical drive. Apache Sprayers are so much lighter than all the other sprayers, which is a big advantage in wet conditions. Apache Sprayers are more affordable and the ROI is better than almost everything else on the farm.

Harvey Wildman, Minnesota

We’ve been happy with Apache! They are well-built, easy to maintain and simple to run. Plus, each one of our sprayers had some new model improvements along with size upgrades. We are on our 3rd machine and the new one is just as simple as our first 2001 model.

Dean Atkins, Illinois

I have been an Apache owner for over 20 years and on my third model. Absolutely satisfied with all aspects of the machine. My dealer provides super service and parts.

Christopher Kiminer, Michigan

Having my own sprayer allows me to apply when I need to and when I want to. It saves me a lot of money.

Tom Linthicum, Maryland

Apache sprayers are a very simple and a cost effective way to cover a lot of acres. Any issue I’ve ever had with my sprayer has been fixed easily or updated to the newest part

Justin Schwieterman, Indiana

Very low maintenance cost and operational cost. They do the job and don’t break the bank getting it done.

Jim Latrace, Canada

Speed, rough terrain, immovable objects—bring it on!

Apache Sprayers New Model Year 2023 features ALL-NEW steel booms with a common center rack, to conquer the toughest field conditions.

New Steel Boom Wings

Designed to withstand the demands of tough operating environments

New Common Boom Rack

Prevents boom strikes and improves operator ride

Mid-Boom Breakaway

Features a three-axis, self-resetting system

New Rack Suspension

Keeps your boom tips out of the dirt

Meet the 2023 Lineup

Explore our all-new model year 2023 farm sprayer lineup and contact us to learn more. 


  • 650 gal
  • 16,900 lbs
  • 163 hp


  • 800 gal
  • 18,400 lbs
  • 200 hp


  • 1,000 gal
  • 22,200 lbs
  • 225 hp

AS1250 & 1250XP

  • 1,200 gal
  • 21,200 lbs
  • 260 hp or 300 hp


  • 1,120 gal
  • 21,200 lbs
  • 300 hp

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We’ll show you how to reduce input costs, increase crop yields and generate impressive ROl with the 2023 Apache Sprayers.

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Apache Sprayers Weights Less

Apache Sprayers are lightweight and get the job done while using less horsepower and fuel.

Plus, they create less soil compaction for increased crop yields.

Apache AS650 vs Other Models

7% lesser weight than John Deere R4023 Sprayer

20% lesser weight than Patriot 2250 Sprayer

Apache AS850 vs Other Models

39% lesser weight than John Deere 408R Sprayer

37% lesser weight than John Deere R4030 Sprayer

21% lesser weight than Patriot 3240 Sprayer

33% lesser weight than John Deere 410R




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