Raven Viper 4+

Precision ag technology provides cost-effective solutions to help ensure spray applications are as efficient and as accurate as possible. Plus, with benefits like improved crop yields, simplified operations and reduced input costs, using precision technology is no longer a question, it’s a necessity. That’s why the 2019 model-year Apache Sprayers offers the latest from Raven Applied Technologies: the Viper 4+ field computer.

How Raven Viper 4+ Works with Apache Sprayers

The Viper 4+ integrates Raven’s full line of products into one networked platform that offers a capacitive touchscreen and an intuitive interface. The Viper 4+ keeps your operation running smoothly with easy job set up and extraordinary and secure data management capabilities.

When you need support, you can depend on the Raven precision package to connect you quickly and securely to the experts. The Viper 4+ works in tangent with the RS1™ antenna to activate the In-Cab Remote support feature to allow Apache Sprayer specialists to securely connect to your sprayer within minutes. All three tools combined, give the 2019 model year Apache Sprayer owners the power to be more accurate, solve problems faster and cover more acres in a day.

The Raven Precision Package

Viper 4+ Features

  • Customization by user and machine

  • Horizontal or vertical orientation

  • Sleek design with 12.1 in capacitive touchscreen and intuitive, tablet-like interface and state-of-the-art rugged magnesium alloy enclosure

  • Dust-proof for tough environments

  • Four camera inputs for monitoring tank levels, blind spots, roadway operation and more

  • Integrated, fully scalable GPS receiver

  • Set up machine and product profiles

  • ISOBUS compatible

  • Wireless over-the-air software updates

  • ISO VT with task controller capabilities
  • On-screen implement location with section status

Fourth Generation Improvements

    • Faster turn-on time (approximately 30 seconds)

    • Capacitive touchscreen

    • Up to three times brighter screen settings with improved peripheral viewing

    • Ignition switch triggered on/off

    • Built-in, self-test capabilities help identify software or hardware issues within the unit

Free Data for Two Years

Equipment Technologies offers a free two-year Silver package data plan (see details below) with every Raven factory-installed computer system. That means when new software updates are released they are immediately available to download to your machine at no extra cost.

Upgrade Your Package

Want more options with your Raven precision package? Apache Sprayer owners can upgrade to the Bronze, Silver or Gold data package.* These packages will upgrade the user’s account to allow additional file transfers, prescription map uploads, machine to machine file transfer and a job generator tool.




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