Why are Apache Sprayers the best — and most reliable — ag sprayers in the industry?

The average price of an Apache Sprayer is $30,000-$85,000 less than comparable competitive sprayers in the market. That probably sounds too good to be true, it might even make us sound “cheap” but we can assure you they’re tough and they’re built to last. So, how do we do it?

Here’s the Apache Sprayers “secret sauce” to creating a quality and reliable ag sprayer:

  • With mechanical-drive transmission, overall service and operating costs drop significantly.
  • Common component parts across every Apache Sprayer model result in direct-to-consumer price tag savings.
  • With a self-propelled machine, you can save precious tractor hours and reduce fuel resources.
  • We back it up with the industry’s best 5-year warranty. That’s how confident we are in our equipment.
  • All of the above combine to create a high resale value

Mechanical drive vs. hydrostat sprayers

The two-wheel drive mechanical drive gets Apache Sprayers through all the toughest spots. The power shifting transmission is also durable and equipped with a lock-up torque converter which doubles the engine’s torque. Our mechanical drive transmissions are also battle-tested year-round in extreme conditions by world-class off-highway heavy equipment makers. You get the shifting power you need, without the added weight.

Additionally, mechanical drive transmission can reduce the overall service and operating costs. For instance, the average wheel motor within a hydrostatic sprayer costs at least $4,500. The mechanical drive with Apache Sprayers prevents the need for these potential additional maintenance or replacement costs.

“As far as sprayer maintenance requirements, I would say (the Apache Sprayer) is simple. You’ve got your engine, your transmission and your rear end.

Simply grease and oil and it’s good to go.” 

— Nate Kuntz (Covington, Ohio)

>> Read more about the simplicity of mechanical drive.

Common component parts

Apache Sprayers are also designed with common components across multiple models. The fact we don’t have to manufacture, warehouse and ship tons of different parts for various sprayer models translates to direct cost savings to our customers.

On average, competitor filters cost 55% more, row meters cost 74% more and three-way nozzle bodies cost 31% more. We take all those savings and send them back to you with the most affordable ag sprayer price tag on every model.

Self-propelled vs. pull-type sprayers

Pull-type sprayers may appear to cost less, except when fuel consumption, compaction, crop damage, tractor use and lost productivity are factored into the equation. You’ll often find the cost of operating a self-propelled sprayer is the same or less than operating a pull-type.

Pull-Type Sprayers

  • Take twice as long
  • Rougher ride
  • Increases operator fatigue
  • Added hours on the tractor
  • Lower resale value

>> Download our free white paper to learn more about the advantages of self-propelled vs. pull-behind ownership.

5-Year Warranty

The best sprayer on the market is backed by the industry’s best warranty. Every Apache that rolls off the assembly line come with a 5-year limited warranty. You won’t find another sprayer manufacturer that stands behind their machine the way we do. Apache is the only manufacturer with full machine coverage for the first two years (<1,000 hrs).

>> Read more about our industry’s best warranty.

Highest Resale Value

Apache Sprayers retain an average of 72% of their value after five years — the highest in the industry. That’s why EquipmentWatchTM has recognized Apache as the “Best Retained Value” in the industry three years in a row (2016-2018).

$3 an Acre? Hear it From Real Apache Owners

Apache Sprayers are favorites among profit-focused farmers who want the highest possible return on their investment. But don’t just take it from us, take their word for it.

“I’d say it cost me about $3 an acre to operate my own sprayer. The break in chemical price [compared to custom applicators] pretty much pays for the sprayer itself.”
– Jon Lofgreen (Norton, Kansas)

“The dependability, the pricing and the serviceability of (Apache Sprayers) — it’s the complete package. It was a no brainer to me. Our custom applicators were in the $5-$7 per acre range. We’re comfortably underneath $3 per acre with our Apache Sprayer and that would be a high number for me.”
– Pervis Ellis (Harrisburg, Illinois)

Want to find out what your ROI could be if you owned your own sprayer? Get your free calculation using the form!


The team at Equipment Technologies has created a comprehensive ROI calculator to help you evaluate your current spraying method (whether you use a competitive brand sprayer, custom application or pull-behind) and determine the overall cost to your operation. You will be astounded by the value and savings an Apache Sprayer can provide.




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