At APACHE SPRAYERS  we’re “all in” on innovative precision ag technologies. Plus, with benefits like improved crop yields, simplified operations and reduced input costs, using precision technology is no longer a question, it’s a necessity.


Combine RS1™ Steering, Raven Viper® 4+ Field Computer and In-Cab Remote Support to experience the powerful precision ag trifecta of the Raven Precision Package. All three tools combined give Apache Sprayer owners the ability to be more accurate, solve problems faster and cover more acres in a day.

Series of icons reading left to right: RS1 guidance, plus Viper 4+ is "In-Cab remote support."

Advanced RS1™ Steering (optional)
It’s the industry’s best steering and line acquire system. RS1 is a fully scalable GPS solution that combines autosteer, GPS and In-Cab Remote Support into one intuitive, easy-to-use unit.

Viper® 4+ Field Computer
The Viper 4+ integrates Raven’s full line of products into one networked platform that offers a capacitive touchscreen and an intuitive interface. The Viper 4+ keeps your operation running smoothly with easy job set up and extraordinary and secure data management capabilities.

In-Cab Remote Support (standard with Raven Viper® 4+ Field Computer)
Answer questions, transfer job files and load software updates with In-Cab Remote Supporta direct link to support 24/7.

Free data for two years
Equipment Technologies offers a free two-year Silver package data plan (see details below) with every Raven factory-installed computer system. That means when new software updates are released, they are immediately available to download to your machine at no extra cost.

We don’t need to explain the importance of boom and nozzle control. Instead, we’ll provide you with the best options and let you reap the benefits of optimized spray applications — like preventing overapplication and decreasing spray drift and increased yields.

Quick Spray Mode
It’s just like it sounds. Using the quick spray mode function, operators can set up spraying options from the machine display. This feature is great for small fields and/or simple spray jobs – just hop in the cab, turn the key and start spraying.

AutoBoom® XRT (optional)

Take your boom control to another level with AutoBoom XRT. Industry-leading radar sensors detect and maintain optimal spray height for maximum product efficacy and expanded boom life.

AutoBoom® UltraGlide (optional)

Using state of the art ultrasonic sensors, AutoBoom UltraGlide gauges the distance to the ground for optimum performance for both pre- and post-emergent applications.

Hawkeye® Nozzle Control System (optional)Get the most out of every nozzle for the best application coverage. The pressure-based, ultra-precise Hawkeye® Nozzle Control System provides more consistent spray patterns no matter the speed or conditions with built-in turn compensation.

Double-Stacked Nozzles for Hawkeye (optional)
One is good, two is better. Reach farther than ever before to increase your application capabilities.

Autofold (only available with AutoBoom XRT)
The previous “push-and-hold,” then wait for one section to unfold one-at-a-time is a thing of the past. All three sections of the boom can now fold at once, automatically, with one push of a button.

Automatic Section Shut-Off (standard with Raven Viper 4+ Field Computer)
Avoid overlap and no-spray zones to reduce input costs.




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