The Case for Buying a New Apache vs. a Used Sprayer

There’s lots of features and upgrades your machine is missing when you buy used. You could buy a new 2018 Apache Sprayer for the same cost as an older competitive model PLUS reap the benefits of new technology. Consider why buying a new machine can be a beneficial investment for your operation.

  1. Warranty. Every new Apache comes with an industry-best 5-year warranty, including a “bumper-to-bumper” warranty for the first two years. You won’t get that with a used sprayer!
  2. Trade Value. For three years in a row, Apache Sprayers have been recognized with the highest retained value (72% after 5 years) of any sprayer in the field, according to EquipmentWatch™.
  3. Simple Maintenance. Used sprayers can cost a small fortune to repair and maintain. A used hydrostatic wheel motor replacement alone can cost more than $10,000 (not to mention downtime). Apache Sprayers are mechanical drive, so they are simple and inexpensive to maintain and repair.
  4. Power. A higher-horsepower engine is the easy way to compensate for a heavy sprayer that isn’t efficiently engineered for wet fields, has higher fuel costs and creates more soil compaction. With Apache Sprayers, you get more horsepower to the ground than any sprayer on the market.
  5. Cost. Apache Sprayers are equipped with the latest precision technology that can save on input costs. With a used sprayer, you get what you get unless you choose to upgrade.
  6. Bottom line – if you’ve never shopped Apache, it will be worth your time.

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