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Sprayer Year-End Savings Incentives

End of Year Savings You Don’t Want to Miss Is a self-propelled sprayer on your farm’s machinery shopping list this year? If that’s the case, a combination of year-end pricing and tax incentives means there’s no better time to buy than right now. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is offering bonus depreciation for business-related expenses […]

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Strainer Screens Changing Colors Per New Global Standard

They’re small yet essential components of an Apache Sprayer, but a recent mandated change to strainer screen color-coding causing some big headaches for operators looking for the right replacement parts for their machines. But, not to worry: operators can look to their Apache specialists to find clarity on the recent change. Effective August 2016, the […]

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Ask the Specialists: What is Raven Hawkeye™?

We work continuously to create programs and form partnerships to ensure all Apache sprayer owners have access to the latest precision technology. As a trusted and celebrated brand in the precision farming industry, Raven Applied Technology has created yet another game-changing solution with the invention of the Raven Hawkeye™ pressure-based spray nozzle control system. “With […]

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Avoid Spray Drift — 5 Things To Consider

Avoiding spray drift to ensure a more efficient application is a constant battle — but it’s a battle worth fighting. Controlling spray drift not only saves the environment, but your pocketbook too. After all, those plumes of wasted herbicide bring more problems than increased input costs including government fines and crop damage. “Spray drift needs […]

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Speed + Spraying — What Growers Need to Know

The faster you drive your Apache sprayer, the more area you cover — right? Today’s self-propelled sprayers allow growers to apply agriculture chemicals faster than ever before, but is there a limit? Equipment Technologies Senior Application Specialist, Jeremy Hurt says yes. “Even with the continuous innovations in sprayer technology, it’s still important for growers to […]

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Out of Options — Tips for Spraying a Wet Field

You’ve waited and waited for your wet field to dry, but it hasn’t. Now weeds are starting to take up residence in your crops. Do you risk soil compaction by bringing in your self-propelled sprayer to apply herbicides, or keep holding out for better field conditions? There’s no easy answer, said Jeremy Hurt, Senior Application […]

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Apache Knows Best: Why We Choose Lucas Oil

There are many quality oil brands on the market for use in farm machinery, but at ET Works we recommend Lucas Oil products. Our brand loyalty is founded on proven results. In 2008, we conducted product comparison tests to assess the quality of oils available for use in Apache sprayers. Multiple oil samples were sent […]


Winter Sprayer Preparation Allows Farmers to ‘Spring’ Into Action

It might not seem like it as much of North America braces for the cold temperatures, snow and ice that comes with winter, but spring is coming. And with it, the start of crop season. Senior application specialist at Equipment Technologies, Jeremy Hurt, advises farmers with self-propelled sprayers to inspect and perform necessary maintenance on their machines […]

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What changes have been done to the boom on the 2016 Apache?

The biggest changes have been done to the boom rack. Larger fold cylinders with a built cushion effect have been added. These cylinders allow cushion for the boom moving front to back while spraying. Accumulators were moved from the boom cylinder to an all new hydraulic boom manifold block for a cleaner installation. Another change […]

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When I rinse the tank and booms, how long should I circulate rinse in the tank? For how long/how many times do I need to flush the hoses and nozzles?

Answer: The Apache has a 100 gallon rinse tank and I usually tell guys to utilize the entire 100 gallons to rinse the booms and tank. Everyone is a bit different and what chemicals they are using will play also play an important role. Generally speaking, I’d say to use half of the rinse tank […]

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