Ask the Application Specialists: What is the recommended tire pressure for the Apache Sprayer?

The Application Specialists are available to answer your questions about the Apache Sprayer and using your precision application. This week’s question deals with the Apache Sprayer and its tires. Question: What is the recommended tire pressure for the Apache Sprayer? The Apache Sprayer comes standard with Michelin agriculture tires. We have worked with Michelin to […]

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Tire options more critical in wet fields

Depending on the conditions of your field, you may need to consider using different tires to decrease the amount of soil compaction. The right tires can help you cut down on soil compaction while improving traction and fuel efficiency. source: Data from research on soil compaction at the University of Wisconsin indicated 70 to […]

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High oil prices fuel no-till trend

It’s not by happenstance that the spike in fuel costs has coincided with the increasing trend of no-till farming methods across the country. For the past five years, Justin Noggler, an Apache owner from Texas, has practiced no-till farming methods on the 11,000 acres he farms. During this time he has noticed major differences in […]

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Diesel prices continue to climb

At farm shows across North America recently, we kept hearing one complaint over and over: rising fuel prices. And it seems no relief is in sight. According to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report, the national average price for diesel fuel is $4.087/gallon (as of 3/7/12). Even more staggering, that same national average has not dropped […]

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