Whether you need to hear an actual customer testimony or need to see our sprayers in action before you sign up for a demo or visit your local dealer, we’ve got plenty of Apache video content for you to mull through. 

What Farmers Say

Our What Farmers Say video series features actual Apache customers, detailing their experiences with our equipment. Listen to Rod Edger from Canada talk about the benefits of operating a light sprayer in the field and how that equates to a heavier wallet. Light sprayers also boast improved fuel economy. Or choose to hear from the Brorman family in Texas who are in charge of spraying between 15,000-18,000 acres per year — Apache has been a part of their operation or 12 years!

Apache Shop Video Series

Once you leave the dealership and finally get your new Apache Sprayer onto the farm, check out the Apache Shop video series. Learn how to winterize your Apache Sprayer step-by-step from John Casebolt, an Equipment Technologies (ET) Senior Application Specialist. Get to know your sprayer’s steel booms alongside ET Senior Application Specialist Jeremy Hunt. He’ll help you make sure you are aware of all necessary adjustments before you head out to spray. Not a technology whiz? Application Specialist Tyler Gordon can walk you through transferring files from your Raven Viper 4 operating and precision system to a thumb drive. That way, your files are always within reach both in and out of the field.

Apache Features and Benefits

Finally, our Apache Features and Benefits video series showcases why Apache Sprayers are the best in the industry, whether you’re buying from within North America or from Ukraine. Dependability? We’ve got a video for that. Affordability? We’ve got a video for that. Simplicity? Just press play already. 


Browse our three series by using the Video Categories sidebar. Or, search for one video in particular with our video search bar. 


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