Apache Maintenance: Yearly Checklist

In addition to your daily, weekly and monthly Apache maintenance, there are also parts that need to be checked or replaced on a yearly basis. This checklist is designed for the 20 Series Apache models.

Adjust steering toe-in

The steering toe-in will rarely need an adjustment, but it is a good idea to check this component once a year because it is possible that after a year of wear on the system, it will require an adjustment. A toe-in adjustment can help improve driving and prevent tire wear.


Before making any adjustments to the toe-in, re-phase the steering on adjustable axles. Re-phasing the steering will ensure that your tires are lined up and that air is out of the system. To adjust the steering toe-in you will need to turn the tie rod or tie rod ends. The toe-in should be set at ¼ inch inward.

Replace engine air filters and cab filters

If you are following the other checklists, you have already inspected your engine air filters, but they should be replaced yearly. You should always get the proper filters from your dealer. The cab filters that need replaced include both the charcoal and recirculation filters.


Inspect front struts

When checking the front struts, make sure there is at least 4 inches of travel on the cylinder when the booms are in spray position. We recommend letting a dealer do any necessary repairs on the struts should the cylinders need service. Low cylinders could indicate low hydraulic fluid levels or a low nitrogen charge.


Check nitrogen in accumulators

Accumulators are important to your Apache’s ride, but they are also important for protecting the boom. An empty accumulator can cause the boom to break. Your dealer will have the tools needed and the nitrogen to keep your accumulators operating properly. Check all of the accumulators including the boom wing accumulators, front strut accumulators, brake accumulators, back rack accumulators and rear suspension accumulators.


Change engine oil and filter

Always use a 15w40 oil when changing your engine’s oil. We recommend always using Fleetguard, the OEM filter. After the first 100 hours, the in-line engine fuel filter will need replaced; then it will need replaced on a yearly basis.


Change transmission oil and filter

When filling the transmission, universal hydraulic fluid can be used; however, you need to be careful not to overfill or underfill the transmission. You should refer to your operator’s manual for fluid capacities.  Also, it is very important to clean the sump strainer on the transmission. With the AS1020 and the AS1220 models, you will need to go through the calibration procedure as outlined in your owner’s manual but this is not necessary with the AS720 because it has a different transmission. While the ZF transmission in the AS1020 and the AS1220 is completely automatic, it does require you to warm the transmission before starting the calibration procedure.


Replace planetary oil and dropbox oil

The planetaries and the dropbox are the only places on your sprayer where you will use 80/90 oil. It is common to find some metal debris in the planetaries when draining oil; however, if you find chunks of gears, the planetaries should be further inspected.


Inspect and pack front hub bearings

Since the Apache sprayer travels at faster rates of speed down the road than a pull type sprayer, you will need to inspect and repack the front hub bearings every year.


If you are working with an older Apache model, additional or different maintenance will be required.

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